Green Island | Kuwait City

The architectural firms Archipelontwerpers and KOW have started with the first studies for development of four recreation and residential areas in Kuwait. The official signing of the contract took place with members of the Kuwaiti government in the presence of Henk Kool (PvdA), the City Councilman for Economics & Business for the city of The Hague.

One component of the commission is the revitalisation of the Kuwait Towers. These three iconic and historic water and energy towers are considered some of the most renowned buildings in the Golf Region. The task at hand is to create a new, attractive function for the towers. Another is Green Island, a recreational theme park that lies off the coast. The island will be redeveloped as a recreation area for the Kuwaiti population.

 Archipelontwerpers and KOW are also being asked to work on the expansion and redevelopment of an amusement park and resort in the south of Kuwait.